The Pros and Cons of Movable Cubicles

Improving the office environment is constantly being studied today. Why? Because it directly involves the employees. They are living, breathing human beings that have rights and needs, and are the reason why a company is achieving success and gaining profits.

Movable cubicles are the “in” thing these days. They have some of the seclusion and confidentiality of a private office, while also having the versatility and accessibility of an open office floor arrangement.

As in all things, there are advantages and disadvantages with this kind of setup. By knowing the pros and cons of movable cubicles, a company can promote the rewards and inhibit its drawbacks. This will bring out the best from its employees when it comes to teamwork, productivity, and innovation.

To learn more, here are some of the pros and cons of movable cubicles:


  1. Movable cubiclesYou have privacy and personal space to do your own work. Results of recent surveys indicate privacy issues are the number one reason why an employee is dissatisfied at work. If you have your own space, no one can easily see what you are doing. You can tackle sensitive subjects or have a confidential phone call (albeit with your voice down) right in your space. Another advantage of this is you can work on delicate, classified company matters such as payroll or financial reports.
  2. You can have more focus, thus become more productive.By having walls, you can reduce unwanted noise and distractions from co-workers. Studies claim that eavesdropping is detrimental to any task that requires cognitive processing. With walls, you can avoid impulsive human interruptions like a co-worker may suddenly want to tell you a story about her kids and dogs that you are not really interested in.It was also found out that excessive social interaction makes you lose focus.
  3. Because of its walls, you can customize it to remind you of home. You can place a family portrait on your desk, add some small potted plants in the corner, or hang an inspirational poster in one of the walls. You can do anything inside your own space to give it a homier atmosphere. Remember that you are spending most of your waking time within these premises, so it’s important for you to be as comfortable as possible, physically and mentally.
  4. Rearranging work areas can be easy. Studies show that one of the needs of an employee is being able to change his office environment once in a while. With the flexibility and versatility of movable cubicles, a company can provide this inner need without the additional cost of having to buy new furniture.


  1. They are not permanent. And because they tend to be moved a lot (imagine 100 plus cubicles in a single office storey), comes with it are a lot of noise from the process of rearranging.
  2. Oftentimes space is limited. Because cost effectiveness is always important for a company, cubicles typically only have an area of only 8 feet by 8 feet. Some are even smaller.
  3. Cubicles make collaboration a bit more difficult. You are not readily available for a conversation so there are fewer chances to work with co-team members. Because of its walls, cubicles cut eye contact making it hard to approach its occupant. They are also too small for emergency meetings between teams or even individuals.
  4. Monitoring by supervisors can feel intrusive. When a boss suddenly enters your cubicle, it may give you a feeling that you’re doing something wrong, even when you are not. In a private office, you can have time to settle down before accommodating your boss.